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Roller Conveying Systems

PCM ME FZC / Material Handling Solutions / Roller Conveying Systems

PCM has a distinct place  among Roller Conveyor Manufacturers in UAE. The roller conveyors are one of the most common types found among motorized  conveying systems for general material handling. It can be customized as per specific requirement in all sizes as well as conveyor forms like positive motion, accumulation etc.

It intends to:

* Increase the efficiency of material handling work
* Decrease the intensity of labor, and number of work force
* Protect items from manual impact damages
* Save overall cost for modern enterprise management

General packed goods delivery from one place to the other, goods confluence and diversion transition, assembly and production

Large, continuous and flexible in material transferring, easy to maintain, durable.

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors

Heavy Duty Rollers

Heavy duty Roller system for Corrugated cartons

Mobile Trolley

Mobile Trolley Rollers

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