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Vision System

sw-5PCM ME (FZC) offers a comprehensive suite of Sensors & Wireless Networking Solutions. Our Sensors are making a wide range of processes easier, safer, quicker and more comfortable across various industries. Over the years, we have worked relentlessly in Research & Development, and the result is evident in the form of our advanced sensing solutions.

The spectrum of our Sensors comprises Miniature Photoelectric Sensors, Compact Photoelectric Sensors, Midsize Photoelectric Sensors, Laser Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Bar Code Readers, Temperature Sensors and many more. Our Sensors are exemplary for their state-of-the-art engineering, and exhibit great sensitivity to even the slightest changes in parameters, being monitored and measured. Whatever is the demand of sensing applications involving measurement of pressure, load/force/torque, displacement, temperature, etc. we have a huge portfolio of tailor-made Sensing Solutions to meet the diverse requirements in various industries. Also, for the quality of our visual detectors, we are rated as a top Vision Sensors Supplier in UAE.

Our specialization in designing and deploying Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) rarely finds a match. Our WSNs comprise Easy Wire Replacement Products, Wireless I/O Sensors, Antennas and Accessories and advanced software perfectly designed for computation, communication and sensing applications. When rated on the parameters of scalability, heterogeneity, systematic design, privacy and security, self-configuration, adaptation and responsiveness, our Wireless Sensor Networks are simply the best in the market.


markicon Miniature Photoelectric Sensors
markicon Compact Photoelectric Sensors
markiconMidsize Photoelectric Sensors
markicon Full-size Photoelectric Sensors
markicon Laser Sensors
markicon Ultrasonic Sensors
markicon Fiber Optic Sensors
markiconClear Object Detection Sensors
markicon Bar Code Readers

markicon Part-Sensing Sensors
markicon Measuring Array Sensors
markicon Slot Sensors
markicon Analog Output
markicon Optical Touch Button
markicon Temperature Sensors
markicon Vehicle Detection
markicon Radar Sensors
markicon Light Gauging Sensors

markicon Intrinsically Safe
markicon True Color Sensors
markiconRegistration Mark Sensors
markicon Luminescence Sensors
markicon IO-Link® Sensors
markicon Remote Amplifier
markicon High-Pressure, Washdown Rated
markicon Sensors Accessories

Machine safety

markicon Safety Light Curtains (Type 4)
markicon Safety Light Curtains (Type 2)
markicon Safety Laser Scanners (Type 3)
markicon Safety Interlock Switches

markicon Two-Hand Controls
markiconSafety Controllers and Modules
markicon Emergency Stop & Stop Control
markicon Machine Safety Accessories

Vision Sensors and Vision lighting

markicon Vision Sensors
markicon Vision Lighting
markicon Vision Software
markiconVision Accessories

Lighting and Indicators

markicon LED Lighting
markicon Tower Lights
markicon Base Mount Indicators
markicon T-Style Mount Indicators
markicon Barrel Mount Indicators
markicon Flush Mount Indicators

markicon Touch Buttons
markicon Pick-to-Light
markicon Hazardous Area Indicators
markicon Vision Lighting
markicon Lighting Accessories

Wireless Sensor Networks

markicon Easy Wire Replacement Products
markicon Wireless I/O Sensor Networks
markicon Antennas and Accessories
markicon Software

markicon3D Models
markicon Technical Publications
markicon Applications
markicon Marketing Materials

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